Khmer Firefox shipped!

Today, in the midst of all the other excitement for the Firefox13 release, I’d like to draw attention to a special achievement.

Khmer release download button The Khmer version of Firefox shipped today as an officially supported release. No longer “just” a beta, the Cambodian people can now use an official release version of Firefox, in their native Khmer language, with identical features and security as every other Firefox 13 user.

This has been a long, huge undertaking by Vannak, Javier and everyone else on the Khmer localization team. I cant thank them enough for all their work. Its been a real privilege to get to know them, online and while I was in Phnom Penh earlier this year. I’m proud of their work, and honored to know them.

Thank you!

ps: If you ever want to meet some cool folks, and help out with future Khmer localization, come over to or the newsgroups and say hi – they’d love to meet you!

pps: Updated to add some news articles that mentioned the official support for Khmer [here], [here], [here]

5 thoughts on “Khmer Firefox shipped!”

  1. Two of those articles say “more than 85 languages” and one says “76, along with 10 more in test versions.”
    Where is an accurate tally news articles can reference?

    1. hi;

      Interesting to note the different numbers in the press, thanks for spotting that!

      The official source-of-truth is This shows Firefox has 87 locales in total, of which 10 are in beta.

      If you are also interested in locales even earlier in the development process, shows we have a total of 92 locales in various states of being worked on.

      Hope that helps clarify?

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