Anyone who has ever talked with me knows how passionate I am about distributed teams. After 28+ years working in distributed teams, 14+ years leading distributed teams, and 7+ years coaching/mentoring startups, I’ve learned from many mistakes and instinctive guesses. I’ve also seen how people working this way can help tackle some hard social problems, which feels particularly important these days. Writing this business management book felt like the best way to help others lead distributed teams and become part of this movement. 

It’s hard to find time to read a book these days, so I wanted this book to be easy to read. This book is written using short English words, not formal management English. Each chapter is short – usually only 8-10 pages. Each chapter is standalone. Each chapter has practical takeaways you can try the very next day. I wanted this to be a book you can easily read over lunch, late at night — or on your commute if you have one! The book is one third practical mechanics (video etiquette, group chat, handling email, meeting etiquette, etc); one third human topics (hiring, firing, dealing with conflict, trust, etc) and one third wider social topics (diversity, urban planning, environment, disaster resilience, economic development, etc).

My book can be found on (in kindle and paperback formats!),,, Porchlight Books (formerly 800-CEO-Read), and in physical bookstores globally.

I’m humbled (really!) to find my book recommended on: “ReadThisTwice“, “10 books on how to effectively manage a remote team” and (a few times now) bounce in/out of Amazon’s Top 10 “Human Resources” and “Business Management” lists. 

I hope you find it practical and immediately useful. Please let me know what you think!


ps: I am always looking to update and improve the book for the next edition. If you have thoughts, opinions or want to share any lessons you learned from working in / with distributed teams, I’d love to hear from you. What worked for you? And probably just as important – what did not work for you? Anything you wish people had told you before you first starting working in/with distributed teams? Let me know. You can find me on twitter, LinkedIn or email (feedback at oduinn dot com).

Last updated: 14nov2020