6,674 builds and 66,456 test jobs in a 24 hour day

On 13sep2013, we processed 6,674 builds and 66,456 test jobs. That is yet another new record. In one 24hour day. It blew past our previous record just the week before where we processed over 5,000 builds-a-day for the first time ever. September has been quite the month… and its not over yet!

#test jobs in a day

To put that data in perspective, almost 5 months ago, on 23apr2013, was the first time we ever did over 52,118 test jobs in a 24 hour day… and it was almost 17 months ago, on 03may2012, when we first broke 40,000 test jobs in a 24 hour day. To put these numbers in perspective:

  • 66,456 (13sep2013)
  • 52,118 (23apr2013)
  • 40,207 (03may2012)
  • 30,145 (08dec2011)
  • 20,575 (06oct2011)
  • 10,597 (08oct2010)

We’re continuing to build out systems to get ahead of this increasing load, but its worth pausing to note the sheer scale and rate of growth here.

The growth is impressive.

The acceleration of the *rate* of growth is even more impressive.

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