Please welcome Dustin Mitchell to Release Engineering

We’re excited to have Dustin join Coop’s group here within RelEng. If you’ve been using Buildbot over the last couple of years, you’d know that Dustin has been maintainer of the Buildbot project through some large new features, while also helping grow the community.

He’ll bring additional buildbot expertise to our group and help make sure our non-Mozilla-specific work continues to be upstream-able to the general buildbot community. Also, part of his time will be spent providing further outreach to the buildbot community, helping others make buildbot even more cool.

He’ll be another remote RelEng person – working from Chicago – but you can find him in in the #build channel as “dustin”. You can also follow his blog.

[Updated to include URL for Dustin’s blog. joduinn 24oct2010]

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