End of an era – no more Thunderbird 2.0 machines, or cvs machines!

05-apr-2007: Launch of Thunderbird 2.0
08-dec-2009: Launch of Thunderbird 3.0
24-jun-2010: Launch of Thunderbird 3.1
25-jun-2010: Formal “ok to poweroff” Thunderbird 2.0 machines
29-jun-2010: Thunderbird 2.0 machines are finally offline

Powering off these machines is a massive milestone for RelEng, because:
1) These are the last cvs-based machines being used in production. Because these were cvs-based, they had a really early version of release-automation, which means its a great relief to not have to do any more TB2.0.0.x releases.
2) These are also the last of the dedicated-unique machines – everything else is using our shared pool-o-slaves infrastructure. Its a great relief to not have to worry about keeping spare long-since-discontinued PPC xserves around in case an old dedicated-unique machines dies in production and closes the tree without warning.

Thunderbird 3.1.x work continues full pace, over on hg. 🙂 You can get more details here. As usual, any remaining users on TB2 can major update to TB3.1 simply by doing “Help->CheckForUpdates”.

NOTE: if you think you need any of these machines for something else, please comment in bug#574901. Now. Right now! Before I reach my trusty axe.


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