Mozilla now has 9 active branches!

The mozilla-1.9.2 branch (aka the Firefox 3.6 branch) went live last week, quietly and with no fuss.  My last post is now out of date. The newly increased list of active branches is:

  • Firefox 3.0.x (aka cvs-trunk, mozilla-1.9.0)
  • Firefox 3.5.x (aka mozilla-1.9.1)
  • Firefox 3.6.x (aka mozilla-1.9.2)
  • Firefox (aka mozilla-central)
  • mobile-browser
  • TraceMonkey
  • Places
  • Electrolysis
  • Thunderbird 2.0.0.x (aka mozilla-1.8.1)

What struck me the most about setting up this mozilla-1.9.2 branch was how smoothly it went. Even with the other distractions and complications going on at the time, setting up this new mozilla-1.9.2 branch felt to me like the smoothest new branch setup I’d seen so far. An encouraging metric for how our infrastructure is scaling up.

Nice, very nice.

Updated: Aki pointed out that I’d forgotten to include the mobile-browser codeline. 🙁 Now added. joduinn 24aug2009

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